PurelyMad Is On YouTube!

Remember how I said I was going to start a YouTube channel? Well…..I kinda did.

Here’s my first video, I’d love it if you popped over to check it out. You’ve all given me great support and feedback with my blog and I’m so grateful so I’d hugely appreciate any video love too!

I’ve uploaded a couple of other videos since if you fancy a peruse.

I’ll still be posting here as regularly as I have been but if you fancy something to watch rather than read feel free to subscribe to my channel too 🙂

Thanks team!



New Kittens, Old Friends and Free Time

It finally happened. The day of my last exam came and went and I’m finally free!

So I’ll be back to posting again regularly *everyone cheers wildly*

I was hoping to end my exams on a high but it didn’t work out quite as planned, the paper was REALLY tough for me. It was quite mathsy and me and numbers don’t have the best of relationship (which is why I picked philosophy – why they snuck this module in is beyond me). So to rectify all of my negative feelings, I naturally went to an all you can eat buffet at the O2 with my friends and ate 4 plates of food. Yaay!

Jimmy’s buffet is a chain restaurant that cooks fresh buffet food in open kitchens so you can see it all being made. The chefs are friendly and informative and are happy to point you in the right direction through the maze of deliciousness.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. It’s not like other buffets I’ve been to where the food’s been left out so long it’s cremated. It was well made, freshly topped up and very tasty for the most part. I’d recommend going there if you and your friends can’t agree on what you’d like to eat! (They have self serve chocolate fountain – are you sold yet?).

I followed this feast up with a BBQ at my friend James’ house who happens to live with my other good friend Bryan. That’s right guys, more food. I spent a lovely 5 hours perched on the kitchen counter catching up with my nearest and dearests Melisa and James (1. because we’re lazy and the self proclaimed ‘anti-socials’ at parties, and 2. because James sprained his knee so we had a good cover up for our laziness).

So what started off as a pretty awful day turned into a food and friend filled good time! I love it when things come together.

So in the time between my last post and now, not only have I finished exams, eaten up to my eyeballs and discovered I have time to do copious amounts of nothing – I’ve also acquired a new companion.

Meet Shadow (and excuse my laundry)


She’s 8 weeks old and her hobbies include:

Chasing the mouse on my laptop screen


Waking me up at 3am, 5am and 7am respectively

Falling over


Scaling the length of my standing body


But despite all of that she is super cute and I’m enjoying having her around. Even if she is sleeping on my arm as I type this (making things very difficult)


So that’s me all up to date! Let me know what you’ve all been up to since I’ve been gone and do check back in a few days -I’ve got some cool little posts lined up.

I hope you’re all well x

Missing In Action and Luna Distractions

Right guys I’m going to be MIA for the next week – I’m on the home straight and my first year of uni will officially be over next Friday (May 23rd).

So until then, here’s a picture I took of the moon last night. Just because.

Hooray for Luna distractions!


Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move


I took this photo while I was on the move thousands of feet above the ground. I was on the way to Barcelona and, despite moving at hundreds of miles an hour, time stands still when you look out of the window and see a view like this.

7 Steps To A Great Summer!


Summer freedom is so close I can almost taste it.

My exams start on Tuesday and after 7 days of being burrowed away with my books (literally..I haven’t left my house in 7 days) I decided to put together my to do list for the Summer. Reminding myself what I have to look forward to should give me that extra little push to keep chugging for these last three weeks.

I thought if I shared it with you all it could give you some ideas for the Summer and you can let me know what you’re up to so I can add some of them to my list too.

The List:

1. Celebrate the end of exams by stuffing my face with my Uni buddies, did someone say all you can eat buffet?

2. Go to the Taste of London Food Festival. Look at that, a theme is developing here already.

3. Go on holiday to Amsterdam! This has been booked for ages, but I’m trying to seem spontaneous so lets pretend it wasn’t.

4. Lay around in my pyjamas at least twice and do absolutely nothing without feeling guilty. I can’t wait to do nothing *sighs dreamily*

5. Decide what I’m going to do for my 21st birthday. That’s a biggy, I should probably do something right?

6. Have inexcusable amounts of BBQ’s. I will not be stopped by rain.

7. Start a YouTube channel. Seeming as I posted it as part of my bucket list for the world to see, I better crack on with it!

Let me know what adventures you’re going on this Summer and if you’re doing anything similar to me! Also if you’ve ever been to Amsterdam I’d love some suggestions for cool things to do (there’s that last shred of spontaneity down the drain – damn my obsessive need to be organised!).

They Day London Stood Still…Again


Tube strike. The two words every Londoner dreads.

The city comes to a stand still and some people become savage animals who push, shove and shout abuse at every available opportunity. Bus drivers are usually at the receiving end of the verbal abuse for not having the ability to magically create more space on their buses for those left at the bus stop.This happens despite already breaking the rules and letting on more people than allowed, in an attempt to help stressed commuters get to where they need to be.

We spend the days running up to the strike dreading our journeys to work/school/university. Then we commute as walking, talking balls of fury when it arrives.  Followed by the rest of the day complaining about how awful our trip was, describing the rancid smells of stale coffee breath and unwashed armpits that we were pressed against on the bus which now resembles a sardine can. Then, of course, we repeat the whole ordeal on our way home and the same the next day (because the strikes are never just one day long).

Now this is a regular occurrence, I’d say it happens every few months or so because the underground workers aren’t happy with the pay, working conditions or future plans for their jobs – they’re constantly butting heads with the Mayor of London. If I’m honest I just take it in my stride now, it’s happening so I plan my journey as best I can ahead of time and don’t let it stress me if I’m late. I’m not even mad at TFL (transport for London – those striking) because to be honest I think if you’re unhappy with something you should do what you can to change it.

I do, however, think some commuters need to take a step back and look at the way they’re acting. It’s fine and understandable that you’re frustrated – it’s not fun! But don’t take your frustration out on me, other passengers, bus drivers or anyone else who hasn’t done anything to you. The poor bus drivers are under enough strain trying to get thousands more people than usual to where they want to be, as well as sitting in stand still traffic for what can sometimes be hours. It’s not their fault. Nor is it the poor person standing near you on the bus who you’ve just shoved in your childish tantrum storming off because you ‘might as well walk, it’s f**king quicker anyway’.

We’re all in the same boat, not just you. You’re not any more important than anyone around you so, please, come down off of your self centred pedestals and stop treating people like crap because you’re in a bad mood. Instead take a minute appreciate the fact the bus driver is still trying to help you get to work and that the person next to you isn’t being as douchey as you because, I tell you what, you’re journey would be a hell of a lot worse if you were on the receiving end!

Social Media Madness!

Hello hello everyone!

I just wanted to write a really quick post letting you all know I’ve updated my social media so it’s easier to keep up to date with my blog, I know a lot of my readers aren’t wordpress users.

So if you want all the low down:

Like my Facebook – facebook.com/purelymad

Follow my Twitter – @maddisonhucks

Follow me on Bloglovin – <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12141003/?claim=qf673b7fue4″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Whatever suits you best!

I also wanted to say a big thank you for helping me grow this little community in my cosy corner of the internet x

Sunday Fun Day – Life From The Inside!

Hello hello everyone!

It’s Sunday and almost midnight where I am; by the time I actually publish this it’ll probably, technically be Monday…but hey ho what can you do?

I’ve spent my whole day – literally all of it – cooped up in my room with my head in my books. It’s like I’m in prison. I’m too terrified to do anything but study at the moment through fear relaxation and the inevitable viewing of cat videos on YouTube will cause the failure of my degree.

I’m not sure my method of ‘read until my eyes burn’ is entirely effective but, one thing I can say is, I get a damn good sleep afterwards. Not because my mind is peaceful, but because it hurts to open my eyes. Try reading anything philosophical before bed and you’ll see what I mean.

Soo where I’m going with this is that I haven’t had time to do anything fun to post about. I was planning on doing a make up post/look/tutorial (whatever you call it here in the blogosphere) explaining this brown smoky eye and baby pink lip I did for a night out recently.


The infamous night out where I lost my camera, yep that’s the one. But it’s quite time consuming and I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out as I haven’t done anything like that before. So I put it off becauseee I’m a failure of a blogger. Sorry amigos!

What do you guys think? Shall I give it a go and you can let me know if it’s cool? We’re all friends here I trust you to tell me if it’s a bit meh.

I wanted to make sure I posted something because you’re my buddies and I like to check in (and I’m becoming slightly addicted). So in the 5 minutes I did take off from studying I saw this video. It’s got like 3.5 million views so I suspect a lot of you have seen it already. But Oh Ma Gerd, how amazing!?

Let me know what you think of them and if you’d like to see a make up post in the comments!

Also you can follow them on Twitter @sup3rfruit or like their Facebook page here


Dust In The Wind – My Bucket List!


Today’s Post A Day encouraged us to consider what we want to do before we become dust in the wind.

It seems pretty much everyone has a bucket list and when I sat down to write this post I realised…I actually don’t! I’m constantly saying how much I’d love to do things but I’ve never really taken the time to, sort of, solidify any of them in writing.

Well I think it’s about time I did – so here  are my genuine, unfancified life goals!

1. Visit at least 3 places in Asia – top 3 being Beijing (China), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Bangkok (Thailand). I’ll be honest it’s mostly so I can stuff my face, the street food just looks incredible!

2. Start a YouTube channel. Although by the time I get the guts to do it YouTube will probably be on par with, like, Myspace or Bebo. For anyone who doesn’t know what either of those are, please just keep it to yourself rather than making me feel old. Thank you.

3. Be truly happy and fulfilled in my work. I love the job I do but do I want to do it for the rest of my life? Probably not. I want to find my true calling, be thoroughly satisfied at the end of each day and excited about the next. I’ll probably become an F1 driver or something, you know, one of those really casual jobs.

4. Buy my parents a house – them being able to relax and be comfortable when they eventually stop working would probably make me the happiest I could be.

5. Dance in a famous show. Any. Just put me on a stage please.

6. Skydive. I know I’m so cliché!

There it is guys, my dreams on a page. I’m going to call this a work in progress, I know the list will get longer the more I think about it so look forward to a part 2. But for now here are the ones straight from my chest region (I want to say heart but I don’t want to over cheese this post).

Let me know what yours are!

Outsmarting The Big Companies!


Okay so I’ve had a series of events getting in the way of my posting every other day commitment.

I’m taking part in Blogging 201 – for those who don’t know what this is it’s basically daily tasks given to us by the lovely people of WordPress to help us to develop, re-brand and just make a general success of our blogs. As I’m still a blogging newbie I thought it’d be a good place to start. The first few tasks have asked me to focus on what I want to achieve with my blog and gotten me to make it more, well, me! So I’ve been concentrating on that and I’m very happy with what I have so far, however after hours of scrolling through themes I haven’t been in a great mind set for writing posts..sorry!

THEN I went on a night out at the amazing Funky Buddha nightclub in Mayfair to celebrate my friend Paul’s birthday (I will be posting about it!). After a canepe reception and a few too many drinks I lost my camera. I’m not the brightest sometimes and didn’t back up the photo’s I had on my memory card – so all the photography I’d done in preparation for my posts has been lost.

SO while I wait for my new one to arrive, here’s a quick post about my favourite breakfast inspired by Pret A Manger. I don’t know if they have these all over the world or just the UK but it’s basically a coffee shop that sells lots of sandwiches and soups etc with natural ingredients. I love their Greek Yoghurt and Honey Pot – it’s self explanatory, honey and yoghurt topped with granola. So rather than spending almost £3 on their tiny pots of perfection I decided to start making my own.

I use:

1 tablespoon honey of your choice

2 tablespoons 0% fat greek yohurt

1/2 handful of granola of your choice

And I can honestly say, it’s just as good as the one from the shop. Enjoy!