Well hello there and welcome to Purely Mad!

I’m a artsy Londoner (*sigh* not another one) trying to find my feet in this marvellous melting pot.

I leave 2013 as a first year university student, a qualified events manager and a film programming workshop leader. These were all new (and terrifying) starts for me and so far it’s been an absolute roller-coaster.

On realising I have a fairly random job in my favourite city in the world; it dawned on me that I get to experience some pretty cool opportunities, so I thought you might like to join me on my journey!

I’ll keep you posted on everything from university mishaps and events I attend to my culinary adventures and fashion and beauty tips.

If you ever want to to give me any feedback or just say hello then you can contact me:

Email: mhucks@hotmail.co.uk

YouTube: Youtube.com/PurelyMadTV

Twitter: @maddisonhucks

Facebook: Facebook.com/Purelymad

*I do not own any of the images on this blog unless otherwise stated


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