St Paul’s Cathedral, Summer Dresses and Gale Force Winds


While I was away I thought I’d be a tourist for the day in my home town. I grabbed my Dad and we took a lovely little trip to London’s famous St Paul’s Cathedral.

I literally drive past St Paul’s every day and I’ve worked within 10 minutes walk of it for the past 3 years but I never thought to go inside. All I can say is that I’m an idiot because it’s brilliant!

On arrival you scale the steps that have been captured in more photos than you can imagine and the spot for every school child who has ever visited to scoff their sandwiches.


We were given an audio tour set which was included in the price of the ticket (it was an iPhone with recordings loaded onto it so it was super easy to use!). The tour lead us through every inch of the cathedral, telling us all of the little secrets and fun facts along the way.

Unfortunately you can’t take pictures inside but I promise you it’s absolutely gorgeous. The walls and ceilings are covered in vibrant glass mosaics and the structure of the domes and pillars are breath taking. It cost the equivalent of £500 million in today’s money back when it was built – imagine what it would’ve cost to build now!

We reached the whispering gallery after climbing 150 steps; they say if you and a friend stand on opposite sides and whisper into the wall you can hear each other!

Once you’re up there, there’s the option to continue on to the upper domes – this is a further 300+ steps and as we were feeling adventurous we thought we’d give it a go.

It was so worth it! The views over London were phenomenal. Breathless and a little dizzy, I had to walk with my dress tucked between my legs because of the wind – but it really didn’t matter once I saw this skyline…


(Me and my lovely Papa)IMG_0959


IMG_0964   IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0972

I’m not usually a fan of all of the big tourist attractions in London, but this one blew my mind. If you’re ever here be sure to stop by – it’s only £15 for an adult, you get your audio tour included and you can stay as long as you like. You can’t really go wrong!


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