Event Review: Breakin’ KCL Presents ‘The Elements Festival’ @BreakinKCL @themouseoutfit

I’m sure some of you remember me mentioning a hiphop festival called the elements being organised by Breakin’ KCL, a society I’m a part of at uni. Well here’s a great review of the whole thing that you might want to take a peak at if you didn’t manage to get down there yourself!


IMG_1350 That’s right, lego mats.

Sup pups, had a nice weekend? Basked in the glorious weather and took off all your clothes because for at least 45 minutes the sun peaked its big yellow face out from behind the clouds? Well, I guess if you’re not currently jamming on the little rock that is the UK you won’t quite understand the urgency with which the British people are ready to get naked if we see the slightest sign of sun. If it’s not raining it’s BBQ time! Hey I’m not knocking it, I wore only the shortest shorts all weekend. QUZHbOdTKOVQMAYSWeIB_THE ELEMENTS POSTER Anyway. Now I’ve set the scene, imagine all of this was going on whilst myself and our resident beat boxer Matt went down to The Elements Festival in South London. Organised by the Breakin’ KCL crew and most notably Ms Kate Mulligan (if I get any of this wrong feel free to…

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