Wisdom Teeth…Why?


Just why? Why do wisdom teeth actually exist?

I’ve been happily chomping away with this many teeth for 20 years. Honestly mouth, I don’t need any more!

Mine have been inching their way through for as long as I can remember and the dreaded things have finally began to surface; like tiny thorns of pure evil. Did I mention that with these new pointy intruders comes an array of unexpected discomforts and spontaneous facial morphing?

It’s like:

Oh, you think you look cute today Maddie? Not any more.’ *start drooling uncontrollably*

So you’re enjoying that food huh? How about now? *gum swells to the size of a small planet*.

But the swelling doesn’t stop there, oh no. The little nubs from hell time it perfectly so that the whole side of your face balloons on the worse day possible. Yes, like the day of that party you’ve been waiting for all week. Or worse, the morning of a job interview. You have everything planned to a T but no one can see past your hideous, lop sided face situation long enough to notice your Oscar worthy ‘Basically…I’m Superwoman‘ interview spiel.

Then just to make it all worth it, after you suffer for years waiting for them to blossom into the full grown food grinders they’re meant to be, you’re dentist decides they’re cramping your already perfectly adequate teeth and rips them from your head for funzies. Topping off the all round torturous ordeal, by handing you a bill for a few hundred quid.

Thanks wisdom teeth for being a useless pain in the face.


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