Dumpling Soup and Chilli Beef – New Culture Revolution

Don’t you love when you find a new little gem of a restaurant? Today I popped into a hugely understated one that, I kid you not, I have walked past at least 50 times. It’s called New Culture Revolution.

The outside is very plain and inside minimalist which makes it easy to pass by without a second thought. But today, after a few hours of strolling round the Angel with my Mum, I popped in purely on impulse.To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

The table placement is a humble plain white sheet of paper, a napkin and some chopstick and the only condiments are salt, pepper and soya sauce. Which, in my opinion, shows the confidence they have in the flavour of their food. IMG_0251

We ordered off of the lunch menu meaning we got a main dish for £5.30 and a side from their selection for £2.50 – once I saw the size of the bowls the food I realised this was extremely good value for money! They have a vast choice and a good range of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian dishes – which I think is always nice.

I ordered pork dumplings and noodles in chicken broth with spring veg with a side of fried pork dumplings for us to share.

   IMG_0253 IMG_0255

My soup tasted beautifully fresh and clean, there was no greasy residue and my vegetables were cooked just enough to leave them crisp. The noodles used were Udon which meant they absorbed the flavour of the stock and the dumplings (in both the soup and the side) had been freshly made and the pork filling seasoned so well they needed no added salt or pepper. They pride themselves on striking the perfect balance of flavours, so with the dumplings came a sour, almost vinegar dip which I have my sneaking suspicions it contained fish sauce – all the same the balance was certainly struck.

My Mum ordered chilli beef and spring veg on Udon noodles and a side of salt and pepper chicken to share.

  IMG_0252 IMG_0254

The beef was tender and succulent and the veg, again, left crisp and flavoursome. The noodles were tender and silky which can be difficult with Udon, they have a habit of becoming claggy and a chore to eat. There was just enough heat for the chilli to be noticeable but still pleasant and the dish harboured that previously mentioned flavour balance with a subtle sweetness in the sauce. The chicken wings were surprisingly moist. Almost every time I order salt and pepper chicken I love the flavour but it’s been fried for so long that it’s as tough as old boots. This was light, non greasy and juicy and the side of sweet and sour chilli dip was just what it needed.

With our meal totalling at £15.60, our bowls being big enough to swim in and not needing to eat again until the next day, (baring in mind we ate this at 2.30pm) I’ll be heading back there very soon!

If you’re ever in the Angel, Islington area then pop in – don’t be put off by it’s simplicity, trust me the flavours are far from simple. If you’re elsewhere in London, I found out they have a few other locations that you can check out on their website.

Let me know where your favourite Chinese restaurant is!

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