Black Tied – Jewellery With A Difference

I’m extremely happy to say I finally bought some pieces from Black Tied; a company that gives a really personal touch to their handmade jewellery.

I heard about them a few years ago from BeautyCrush and if you’re familiar with her style then you’ll see the items from Black Tied are right up Sammie’s street. I draw a lot of inspiration from her style so I thought I’d check them out.

I spent a good hour perusing the website; they had so many things I was interested in, but I limited myself to 3 (hello self control!).

One example of that personal touch I was talking about is the packaging the jewellery is delivered in. Complete with fancy wrapping paper and thank you notes to their customers, it definitely made me smile when I opened the envelope.


First I opted for this simple Light Crystal Circle Donut Necklace. I love pairing it with a plain black or white Tee and dark jeans, it takes my ‘I didn’t have time this morning‘ outfit and turns it into ‘I’m so casual chic‘.  The length of the chain in great – reaching just above my belly button to give a rough guide. It does get tangled pretty easily because of this though (Quick Tip: don’t wear it at the same time as your headphones unless you enjoy untying knots!) But the odd tangle is well worth it in my opinion, the chain is robust enough to not get damaged by them and it’s the perfect accent to my dressed down outfits.


Next I decided to treat myself to a midi-ring. I see these on loads of girls and I think they’re adorable but I struggle to find ones that (without sounding snobby) look a decent quality. Black Tied had a HUGE range of midi-rings; most companies have one or two available, you know, as a novelty. I think it’s time companies realise midi-rings and here to stay and these guys are definitely one step ahead. I LOVE the one I bought – it’s a Stirling Silver Midi-Ring With Feather Charm. I was pleased with the fit and the quality for the price I paid. So you can imagine how inconsolable I was when I lost it after my second time wearing it. I got so many compliments on how unique and elegant it was and I miss it dearly despite our short time together *cries a single tear*


Lastly I decided I needed a pop of colour and invested in this vibrant, Round Bead Bracelet with Gold Hamsa Charm. It’s made of (what I believe is) wood and the charm offsets the blue nicely. If you’ve been following me since the start, you know I have an unhealthy addiction to black so this bracelet is an easy way for me to inject some colour into my wardrobe. I was surprised when it arrived as I was expecting it to be plastic, however after wearing it I’m glad it isn’t. I wore it on a hot day and had no uncomfortable sticking or interesting imprints in my arm – so whatever material it is, I like it!


Overall I would 100% recommend Black Tied if you’re looking for some accessories that go one step beyond the high street. Real thought and care has gone into their designs and they value each of their customers. I exchanged a few emails with Laura, the founder of Black Tied, and she was warm and accommodating, ensuring I had all and any information I needed. I’ll be buying from them again and I honestly don’t have a single complaint!

Check out the Black Tied website  here

Follow them on Twitter here

Like them of Facebook here

Let me know about your secret finds and where you buy your cool bits and bobs!

*All Photo’s Property Of Black Tied*

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