7 Steps To A Great Summer!


Summer freedom is so close I can almost taste it.

My exams start on Tuesday and after 7 days of being burrowed away with my books (literally..I haven’t left my house in 7 days) I decided to put together my to do list for the Summer. Reminding myself what I have to look forward to should give me that extra little push to keep chugging for these last three weeks.

I thought if I shared it with you all it could give you some ideas for the Summer and you can let me know what you’re up to so I can add some of them to my list too.

The List:

1. Celebrate the end of exams by stuffing my face with my Uni buddies, did someone say all you can eat buffet?

2. Go to the Taste of London Food Festival. Look at that, a theme is developing here already.

3. Go on holiday to Amsterdam! This has been booked for ages, but I’m trying to seem spontaneous so lets pretend it wasn’t.

4. Lay around in my pyjamas at least twice and do absolutely nothing without feeling guilty. I can’t wait to do nothing *sighs dreamily*

5. Decide what I’m going to do for my 21st birthday. That’s a biggy, I should probably do something right?

6. Have inexcusable amounts of BBQ’s. I will not be stopped by rain.

7. Start a YouTube channel. Seeming as I posted it as part of my bucket list for the world to see, I better crack on with it!

Let me know what adventures you’re going on this Summer and if you’re doing anything similar to me! Also if you’ve ever been to Amsterdam I’d love some suggestions for cool things to do (there’s that last shred of spontaneity down the drain – damn my obsessive need to be organised!).


9 thoughts on “7 Steps To A Great Summer!

  1. I loved Amsterdam. Mostly, I enjoyed walking around and looking at the canals. There are open-air markets that are a great opportunity to mingle with locals. The Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are great. 🙂 Best of luck to you, and happy travels!


    • *gasp!* open air markets!? That sounds amazing I lovee markets. I’ve hear great things about the Van Gogh Museum, I’m tempted to pre-book some tickets because I know it can get pretty busy. I’ll have to let you know how I get on, thanks for the tips! x


      • Yes, do, the queue for those with tickets booked online was much, much shorter than for those who still had to buy tickets. You’ll have to specify a date and time for the VGM. The Rijksmuseum also lets you pre-book and you can just pop in anytime you like (I think up to a year from when your ticket was booked).


  2. First off, good luck on your exams! And second off, have fun! And third off, my summer to do list: Read, read, read with no need to really do anything else; make a couple of more changes on my blog (social media wise), read, read, read and watch as many movies and go to/do as many BBQs as I can count and eat.


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