Knomo Spring/Summer Lookbook

A month or so ago the lovely people at Knomo held a sample sale at my university.

 They’re a global company who specialise in bags designed specifically for your technology. Traditional technology bags are frumpy eyesores, but Knomo’s designs are STUNNING. You can’t even tell the majority of them are for laptops!

 Of course I tried with all my might to refrain from buying anything but…I couldn’t help myself.  I ended up walking away with four.

I’ve put together a review and lookbook in this post so I can give you the full skinny – lets start with the lookbook!

I’ve put together a variety of Spring/Summer looks (even though it pouring with rain right now) to show you just how versatile the bag is:

The Edgy Look


 Vest: Gap, Jeans: River Island, Shirt: Thrifted, Boots: New Look

The Smart/Casual Look


Vest: Gap, Skirt: Topshop, Belt: H&M, Scarf: Miss Selfridge, Sandals: Miss Selfridge

The Lazy Day Look


Crop Jumper: Thrifted, Jeggings: Pull&Bear, Trainers: JD Sports/Nike

The Office Look


Shirt: BooHoo, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: New Look, Belt: Accessorize

The review:


In short – I love it. It’s really high quality material and the finish is immaculate. I’ve given 3 away as gifts and have heard nothing but good things from the receivers. This is the one I kept for myself.

It’s a black 16 inch laptop bag – it has an over the shoulder adjustable strap as well as 2, shorter handles. There is a zip pocket on the front as well as the inside and a compartment at the back of the bag which I presume is meant for your charger. Look, even the inside is pretty!


I’ve worn it with a laptop and also as a normal bag and it’s extremely comfortable. The thickness of the shoulder strap means there’s no digging or painful chafing and the material is soft against the skin. It’s easy to wipe down, it’s very durable and doesn’t scuff easily.

The downside is I can’t fit my charger inside the main bag or in the compartment at the back. This can be a bit of a pain if I’m looking to be out for more than a couple of hours. However they do have a huge range of sizes for their bags, I just can’t imagine anyone being able to fit their charger as well as their laptop in my one which is a shame.

The bag itself, however, is beautiful and Knomo really care about their customers. They include a little message inside  in case it gets lost so people know where to return it to – how lovely!

I’d really recommend Knomo – they really are the bags of the future. It’s pretty pricey, but honestly the quality is 100% worth it. If you can find them at any sample sales or anything of the like then grab some because I promise it’ll be a bargain!

Check out their website here, or follow them on Twitter @Knomo – say hello, they’re super friendly!

Let me know what your favourite look was in the commets!

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