They Day London Stood Still…Again


Tube strike. The two words every Londoner dreads.

The city comes to a stand still and some people become savage animals who push, shove and shout abuse at every available opportunity. Bus drivers are usually at the receiving end of the verbal abuse for not having the ability to magically create more space on their buses for those left at the bus stop.This happens despite already breaking the rules and letting on more people than allowed, in an attempt to help stressed commuters get to where they need to be.

We spend the days running up to the strike dreading our journeys to work/school/university. Then we commute as walking, talking balls of fury when it arrives.  Followed by the rest of the day complaining about how awful our trip was, describing the rancid smells of stale coffee breath and unwashed armpits that we were pressed against on the bus which now resembles a sardine can. Then, of course, we repeat the whole ordeal on our way home and the same the next day (because the strikes are never just one day long).

Now this is a regular occurrence, I’d say it happens every few months or so because the underground workers aren’t happy with the pay, working conditions or future plans for their jobs – they’re constantly butting heads with the Mayor of London. If I’m honest I just take it in my stride now, it’s happening so I plan my journey as best I can ahead of time and don’t let it stress me if I’m late. I’m not even mad at TFL (transport for London – those striking) because to be honest I think if you’re unhappy with something you should do what you can to change it.

I do, however, think some commuters need to take a step back and look at the way they’re acting. It’s fine and understandable that you’re frustrated – it’s not fun! But don’t take your frustration out on me, other passengers, bus drivers or anyone else who hasn’t done anything to you. The poor bus drivers are under enough strain trying to get thousands more people than usual to where they want to be, as well as sitting in stand still traffic for what can sometimes be hours. It’s not their fault. Nor is it the poor person standing near you on the bus who you’ve just shoved in your childish tantrum storming off because you ‘might as well walk, it’s f**king quicker anyway’.

We’re all in the same boat, not just you. You’re not any more important than anyone around you so, please, come down off of your self centred pedestals and stop treating people like crap because you’re in a bad mood. Instead take a minute appreciate the fact the bus driver is still trying to help you get to work and that the person next to you isn’t being as douchey as you because, I tell you what, you’re journey would be a hell of a lot worse if you were on the receiving end!

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