Colossal Steaks and Succulent Salmon

I’m procrastinating again…

I’m a week away from exams and it’s safe to say I’m freaking out – but rather than doing the sensible thing and revising all of this:


I’m pretending it doesn’t exist. Hooray for logic!

One of the goals I want to achieve from blogging 201 is to develop a weekly feature for my blog. Although I want this to primarily be a lifestyle blog, I do have a really strong interest in food (as a lot of you have probably noticed). So I was thinking of starting something along the lines of ‘Foody Friday’.

That can be the working title for now – let me know if you like it or post some suggestions I can use for something more catchy!

It’ll be a range of posts from recipes and photography, to reviews of places I’ve eaten or simply what I’ve been stuffing my face with that week. What do you think? Sound like something you guys would like to see?

Let’s give it a go – today I thought I’d show you some of the ridiculous pieces of meat that pass through my house with my Dad and Brother being butchers. This is a T-Bone my Dad had for dinner today. Yes  it’s bigger than my head. It was so huge he needed a side plate for his chips. (It was definitely a treat, he doesn’t eat this much meat everyday so don’t worry my health conscious friends!):


Excuse the rushed photography – you don’t want to keep a steak lover away from this for too long!

We’re very lucky to be able to eat things like this…but it’s just too much meat for me. I opted for the lighter option of salmon with lemon and dill, baby potatoes and green beans:


I don’t eat salmon often, but when I do, I can’t understand why I don’t eat it every week. It’s so versatile and I’m always completely satisfied at the end of the meal. For all of you who aren’t into ‘fishy’ fish, give salmon a go; it’s subtle and absorbs other flavours really well. You can season it however you like and the flavour of fish won’t be over powering…if it is don’t eat it – it’s probably bad and you don’t want to eat bad fish. Trust me.

Let me know if you like the idea of Foody Friday’s and also what adventures you and your tummy have been on recently!


8 thoughts on “Colossal Steaks and Succulent Salmon

  1. HA! We grew up next door to a grocery store butcher – talk about big chunks of meat!
    I’ve never been a big fish eater, but do like salmon. In fact had it for lunch.
    You’ve done a good job with the pictures – the header is quite lovely and striking. Nicely done


  2. I personally don;t like to eat much seafood – when I eat Calamari or Oysters, I get hives on my butt.. lol

    BUT that salmon looks really, REALLY tasty!

    I wont even attempt it – I’d n doubt produce another X File that would put it to shame.. lol

    Great post and really good foodie pictures!



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