Exams, Parties, Thrift Sales and Festivals!

If you’re a student I’m sure you can relate to the absolute hell that is exam season. If you aren’t familiar with this hellish time, let me set the scene for you. Imagine standing at the bottom of Mount Everest, you have to climb it in record time with just a pen to get you there. Realistically you can only have 4 hours of sleep a night and you fuel yourself with chocolate and deep fried things that come with cheese because you no longer care about calories and preparing actual meals has become unthinkable.

mt everest

I mean, doesn’t that sound like the most fun!?  No, you don’t think so? Me either.

It’s not like it’s a surprise; every year I know exams will come and I foolishly choose to do another year of education. And every year, without fail, I arrive at the mountain; chocolate bar in hand, unprepared and miserable.

Sure enough, here I am again! I’ve had hardly anything to do all year but rather than getting a head start on my uni work I’ve been getting my fingers into all sorts of pies. So here is the run down of the marvellous mess that is my life at the moment:

1) I’m still blessed enough to be working as a workshop leader at the Barbican Centre – check us out, we do all things artsy! At the moment I’m  working on shaping the programme I’m going to be leading next year which is a pretty big task but a fun one. For those who don’t already know, I teach 14 – 24 year olds how to be cinema programmers. We’re hoping to include the current participants in the decisions so the content stays interesting and it’s not just me rambling at them and scribbling on a flip chart (the horror!). I love how organic this work is, it’s flexible and fun and I really wish learning could be like this on more levels. I’m very fortunate to work for a company that lets me teach what my group say they want to learn.


2) I’ve been partying like it’s nobody’s business!

No I’m lying I’m not cool enough for that to be true – but I did go to an end of the uni year-ish type party at my old college friend’s student house. The parts I remember were great (I was drinking some suspicious tasting – and looking – punch so details are few and far between). I met some amazing people and just really let my hair down for the first time in ages. Basically, I’m just telling you this so I can show you this picture that I love (I’m the one with the gaping hole as a mouth..):


Photo by Bryan Mwangi

3) *Whispers from my corner of shame* I’ve been thrifting again.

But this time not purely in an attempt to satisfy my unquenchable thirst for bargains! It was to help the wonderful people at Urban Hope raise money. They’re a youth group which I basically spent my whole teenage life with and now I’m a grown up, they’re still there for me and I do what I can to help with workshops and other fun things. They do spectacular work and they’re a pillar in our community. Me and my Mum went for a good rummage and we bought some gorgeous stuff – don’t worry I’ll be doing a little haul post soon! The thrift sale was able to happen due to people donating their unwanted clothes for UH to sell. Ozone Coffee Roasters, Ottolenghi, The Modern Pantry and Lilly Vanilli all donated the most delicious teas, coffees and cakes (and even a barista!) to help raise money too. It was a roaring success and in just 5 hours they managed to raise £8000! I guess impulse buying isn’t always a waste of money!


4) I’ve agreed to help organise a hiphop festival called The Elements with a society at my uni called Breakin’ KCL.

We’re hoping to disprove a lot of the negative stereotypes associated with hiphop through its 5 elements: Bboying, DJing, MCing, Graffiti and Knowledge. I adore hiphop – it’s played a big part in my life with my dancing and all so this, paired with my background in events, made getting involved a no brainer! Anyone can come along and hang out – there will even be chances to get involved if you’re up for it! If you can make it that’d be super cool, I’ll be there for a good chunk of the day so say hi! If you can’t then don’t fear, I’ll be there with my trusty camera so you can live it through my lens. At the moment we’re trying to fund raise so if you think you could help us out, or know anyone that could, feel free to give me a shout and I’ll point you in the right direction. Click here for more details (this will be updated regularly as we confirm all aspects!)


Photo by Jason Do

 As stressful as this all gets sometimes, I’ve genuinely not felt this satisfied in a long time. Now to finish my revision and sit seven 2 hour long exams over the course of two weeks – shouldn’t be too hard right? ……right!?


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