My Commitment To You


Right guys here I am, with you all as my witness, committing to posting at least once every other day.

Over the past few days I’ve had some really heart felt chats and read a few inspirational things. Usually these make me feel motivated for the rest of the day, but then the small stresses of life rear their ugly heads and I revert back to my ‘moany Brit’ default. This time, however, seems to be different.

I’ve noticed I’ve been reminding myself to slow down, to appreciate the day that I’m having rather than rushing through the tightly timed schedule I’ve set myself or feeling frustrated when I don’t get something done. What use is it having these negative feelings? What will they change? Nothing. All they’ll do is make me feel miserable about something that just isn’t that important – there’s always tomorrow, what’s the big deal?

If I just learn to focus on the here and now and give whatever it is I’m doing 100% then there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll reach my goals without even realising because I won’t be focused on my progress or the distance to the finish, I’ll just be focused on putting my all into the journey.

By just concentrating on the present I can give it my full attention, feel fulfilled at the end of each day and refreshed the next, ready to do it all again. If I’m focused on a plan for the next 3 years, well, I only have so much energy each day and that’s a whole lot of time to try and spread it over.

It’s time I start focusing on what’s going to make me happy now, not on how much I’ve ticked off of my check list.

Blogging makes me happy every time I do it, this is the reason I’m setting aside more time in my day to allow myself to indulge in the wordy wonders of WordPress.

Here is a link to one of the things I read that really stuck with me.

I’d like to thank and dedicate this post to my good friend Bryan who encouraged me to make this blog into something really special. You can check his blog out here: Bryan

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