Blaze Dance Company Review

I was struggling for weeks trying to pick a good Christmas gift for my parents. They’re really tough to buy for because they don’t like normal parenty things – my Dad doesn’t drink whiskey, play golf or go fishing all the time, my Mum doesn’t like wine and cheese boards or sewing. They’re both super trendy so when it comes to presents I can’t just go to the gift section of John Lewis and buy them something cute and quirky.

However I’m fortunate enough to be a friend of the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, so when I was scrolling through their website I stumbled across the Blaze Dance Company. I instantly knew two tickets to see these guys would be the perfect present for them – not to blow my own trumpet or anything but…I was so right. So much so that my parents then came home from the show and booked ME two tickets to go and see them because they knew I’d love it too.

So off I went, tickets in hand, to the Peacock Theatre in Holborn.


We arrived pretty early so we hung out and took a few photos while we waited for the show to start.

The show began and I was pretty much instantly blown away. Blaze Dance Company are a street and break dance company that travels the world with their phenomenal stage show. The company is made up of dancers from all over the world – many are familiar faces from TV dance competitions like So You Think You Can Dance, Britain’s Got Talent, Got To Dance, Juste Debout, IBE and more! To read up on the dancers click here.

It’s an uplifting, feel good performance that takes you through every style of street dance you can think of. They can do everything from old school hiphop and break dance to newer styles like house, they even throw in some tap dance to keep you on your toes (pun intended!). As a lover of all things dance I was utterly mesmerised – I could feel my heart through my chest and it took everything I had not to get up and join in.

One of the other reasons I loved this show so much is because it’s part of a growing trend of making the theatre more accessible, more relaxed and more fun. Gone are the days where you had to dress in a suit and tie to see a show and sit in silence only to deliver a stiff round of applause when it’s all finished. Here’s my OOTD, not smart or fancy at all and I felt perfectly comfortable while I was there:


Black Tube Pants – River Island, Cropped Grey Long Sleeved Top – Top Shop, Trainers – JD Sport, Leather Jacket – New Look, Owl Necklace – Camden Market.

The audience we’re cheering, clapping and on their feet throughout, kids were dancing in the isles and all it did was add to the amazing atmosphere they’d already created on stage. It’s a beautiful thing when people of every age can not only enjoy the arts but be welcomed to enjoy it in exactly the way they see fit. If you want to sit in your seat that’s fine, if you want to wave your arms around that’s great and if you want to get out of your seat and shake your whole body then you go right ahead my friend! The more fun you’re having the better. They even encouraged photography, that’s a first right? It was difficult to get some good shots from where I was sitting but I did my best:

IMG_0164 IMG_0168

My friend, who had never been to the theatre before, thoroughly enjoyed it – mentioning that it was nothing like she expected it to be. I have to say that made me smile, she’s always a bit wary when trying new things and I especially don’t blame her for being that way about the theatre. It really felt like a step in the right direction for the arts to know that it can make someone brand new to the scene feel so relaxed.

I would 100% recommend going to see this show, whether you’re a theatre goer or not, even if you’ve never seen a street dancer in your life, give it a go because it’s an experience like no other. Their stint in London is over for the time being but they’re touring so for dates click here

If you do end up going then leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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