Lamb Shank? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Seeming as I didn’t post last week I thought I’d do a quick extra post on my foody adventures this past week.

Me and my good friend Melisa are usually too busy to see each other on a weekly basis; so when we do get a chance to catch up it’s usually over something delicious!

We’re regulars at two local restaurants: ‘Gallipoli’ and ‘Mem and Laz’ both situated on Upper Street in Islington. We love these two places due to their friendly buzz and huge portions (2 courses for £7.50 might I add!). But we thought we’d try somewhere new as part of the new year so off to Ask Italian we went.

Of course on arrival it was closed for refurbishment – to be honest it’s just our luck. I was craving some authentic Italian pasta so bad so we tried a different restaurant called La Forchetta. Excited to get stuck in we sat down and gave the waiter our drinks requests: ‘Two Cokes please’. While he was gone Melisa decided she wanted a stone baked Margherita pizza and I opted for the Seafood Spaghetti. On arrival back to our table the waiter poured our drinks and asked for our orders; on asking for Melisa’s pizza the waiter THEN decides to tell us ‘sorry ladies, our oven is broken we can’t make any pizzas today’.

I’m sorry would that not be the first thing you tell two customers who have walked into your Italian restaurant? That you can’t prepare over half of the dishes on your menu? We told him that we think we’ll go somewhere else for lunch and after awkwardly staring at our cokes for a good minute he told us not to worry about them and they were on him.

Of course we eventually ended up back at Mem and Laz but hey… we really did try and break the mould!

I had a little more success later in the week when I went to Gallipoli – I had to get my fix! I had Calamari for my starter and a delicious slow cooked lamb shank for my main.


I definitely recommend popping by for a visit!

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