Clarisonic Mia 2 Review!

Okay, okay, I know this has been done to death but I’m new to the Clarisonic and really wanted to share my experience with you.

Just to give you some background info – the Clarisonic is a a little machine for skin care. It uses sonic technology to clean your skin 6x deeper than, say, washing with you hands or a wash cloth. As you can see in the picture below it has a circular brush head which is detachable and replaceable with a variety of different brushes; from delicate to deep pore. The brush head oscillates (which means to go back and forth) rather than rotates on a choice of 2 settings to exfoliate your skin and draw out impurities.


Now, on to the good stuff.

First Impression

I was gifted the Clarisonic Mia 2 for Christmas and was pretty excited about it because I’d heard so many good things online. Mine is white but there’s a huge range of designs you can get (I like the white, feels so clean!). On opening it I was impressed by how small and light it is and the way the handle is designed makes it’s comfortable to hold. It came with a sensitive brush head, a sample size cleanser, a protective case and a changer. The charger is the coolest part, to make sure the Mia 2 is completely waterproof it clips magnetically onto the handle so that there are no open inputs – you can use it in the shower! Initially it takes 24 hours to charge but after that it lasts forever, I’ve not had to charge mine since Christmas.

I noticed a difference after the first use. My skin felt softer and smoother, it was glowing and I felt invigorated. Both of my parents commented on how fresh my skin looked; after one use guys how amazing is that!?

1 Month On

So after the initial excitement I wasn’t seeing much difference in my skin; it still felt refreshing when I used it but I wasn’t having any of the ‘wow’ moments I’d heard about. I soon realised, what many hadn’t mentioned, that this really needs to be a part of your every day skin care routine. I was using it maybe once a week as I didn’t want to irritate my skin, but that wasn’t enough to get any real benefit. A one minute cycle once a week just isn’t going to be able to draw out 7 days worth of gook in your skin – especially living in the city my skin probably has more impurities than most people.

After that I started using it 1 to 2 times a day and I’ve noticed a huge difference. I am going through something called the purging stage at the moment. Now don’t freak out but it’s basically when the Mia 2 is bringing all the dirt that has been trapped to the surface and…you break out. BUT IT’S OKAY! It’s only lasted a couple of days, it’s totally normal and it’s clearing up already, you just have to push through. This is the point where most people give up and think the machine doesn’t agree with them but that’s not true; it’s doing exactly what it promised! Despite the blemishes my skin is glowing and my make up application is 10x smoother, my combination skin has cleared up and I’m just in heaven.

It’s set on a 1 minute timer, when you turn it on you start on your forehead, it buzzes after 20 seconds and you move to your chin and nose for 20, buzzes again then you do each cheek for 10 seconds. It’s so quick and easy and takes less effort than most conventional face cleansing methods with much better results. Now, it is a bit pricey but depending on where you buy it it usually comes with a guarantee so you know it’s going to last. Mine is from John Lewis, it cost £125 and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

I really think it’s worth the investment. The only thing I would say is to pay attention to the way your skin responds. I honestly think the Clarisonic is suitable for almost everyone, you may need to get the delicate brush head if the sensitive feels too harsh or just use it less often than I do if your skin starts to feel at all irritated. Just be patient with it and be responsive to your skin.

You can visit the Clarisonic website here to have a look at their products:

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress!

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