Exams, Trains and Chorizo

Despite all of my super human efforts to freeze time, Friday arrived and I had to sit the first exam of my university life.

I’ve taken untold exams over the years and it’s the same every time. What if I forget everything? What if my pens dies? What if I run out of time?

But no, not this time. I was way too preoccupied wondering why my exam  venue is out in the sticks! 2 trains just to get there just isn’t on. If you’ve been to the Excel London you’ll understand; if you haven’t I’ll give you a minute to Google map…..

I know right!?

So anyway I was up bright and early fuelled by peanut butter and jam on toast and took this picture. The term ‘rush hour’ is misleading, it’s more like rush morning and rush evening. But when you do catch the brief slot where it is quiet, it’s not so bad.


After my journey through Hoxton, Shoreditch and beyond made me feel thoroughly untrendy  I arrived at the centre (an hour and a half early, who has time for risks with London transport?). The nerves kicked in as I turn the corner to see a GIANT banner with my university’s name; it was suddenly very real. My relief to see some fellow early bird friends soon turned to utter panic. They were frantically rifling through notes looking for an answer to what was likely to be an impossible question; but before exams we’re all full of ‘what ifs’ aren’t we?  After seeing the mass hysteria on my Facebook and twitter timelines I decided to turn off my phone and put away my notes. I went into an imaginary cocoon to avoid hyperventilating.

I then discovered that whoever organises the exams were kind enough to charge us 50p for a plastic wallet for our valuables so we don’t have to leave them unattended in the bag drop area. Thank you exam organisers, for shamelessly exploiting my inability to make sensible purchase decisions when I’m thisclose to an emotional breakdown.

The hall was huge. Imagine an aircraft hangar; yeah exactly that. 1,600 students split into 4 sections. I felt sorry for those who had to take the mile walk to their seat at the back of the room. I’d never had an exam set up like it: booming tannoy announcements giving everyone instructions, a huge digital clock projected (yes projected) onto the wall, and invigilators in high vis jackets. Bit much if you ask me but to each their own.

How did it go you ask? Well the first question can be largely described as….


but thankfully it got better. I don’t want to jinx it but I feel like it went alright in the end. All those weeks of revision over the Christmas break served me well and I’m glad it’s over.

Afterwards I treated myself to a roasted pepper and chorizo Panini and got to spend some quality time with Louisa and Luana, two of my old school friends who I haven’t seen in a good month or so. So all’s well that ends well!

Now the onslaught for summer exams begins and the student cycle continues…

3 thoughts on “Exams, Trains and Chorizo

    • Thanks! Haha regardless of my result I think I’m going to put surviving down as a personal achievement. Hope you treated yourself to that roasted pepper. Nom, so good.
      Thanks for reading!


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