The Brave and the Colourful

Anyone who knows me knows that I live in black. Black dresses, black shoes, black bags (the fashionable kind, not the bin liner sort). But in the spirit of change, and after being teased on every night out for owning not 1 but probably 10 little black dresses, I’ve promised myself to wear more colour. Here are some of the things I bought in the January sales. On writing this I realised it’s a bit of a Topshop haul, hooray for student discount!

My first vibrant purchase was this navy textured blazer:Image

Topshop: Originally £65 down to £20 for Boxing Day Sales

I know what you’re thinking, it’s hardly neon pink but steps guys, baby steps. This will be an easy way to inject some life into my everyday wardrobe by throwing it on over a white tee and some jeans.

My second purchase was this red velvet dress:


Topshop £30

I haven’t worn this dress out yet but I like that I can dress it down with some casual biker boots, tights and a leather jacket or dress it up on a night with a pair of black heels and a clutch. One thing to note is that this dress scoops low at the back and front so it just about rests on my shoulders which might be a problem.

Lastly I invested in this grey/silver crushed velvet skirt:


Topshop: Originally £32 but down to £15 for Boxing Day sales

I love this skirt, especially the length! It’s so hard to find skirts that aren’t ridiculously short and that I don’t have to constantly tug on as I’m walking.

Neon leg warmers here I come!

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